10 Most Influential Leaders of 2024

Cover Story

Dr. Christina Rahm: Transforming Lives and the World through Wellness & Sustainability

"A seasoned entrepreneur, Dr. Christina Rahm is the founder of DRC VENTURES, Formulator at The ROOT Brands, and Chairperson of the International Science Nutrition Society."


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Donavan Hutchinson: The CEO and Founder of D&A Services International Ltd, Driving Change in the Tech Industry

"CEO and Founder of D&A Services International Ltd, a visionary leader who is driving change in the tech industry by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion."

Girish Mathrubootham: The Visionary Leader Behind Freshworks' Success

"Girish Mathrubootham, from a broken television remark on Hacker News to establishing Freshworks as one of the leading SaaS companies in the world is a true story of inspiration and determination."

George Guy: The Visionary Leader Behind Fort Wayne Housing Authority's Success

"His vision, passion, and innovative approach have earned him recognition as a leader in the field of affordable housing."

Roland Stähli: Pioneering SME Digitization through WebAccountPlus

"Stähli's leadership journey is marked by a commitment to ethical practices, continuous learning, and a dedication to long-term goals above short-term gains."

Mikael Hoier: A Visionary Business Leader

"Mikael's leadership relation is formal, open and oriented into business. He stresses satisfying the needs of consumers as well as creating a development-centered atmosphere."

Paul Edalat: Transforming Healthcare with Vivera Pharmaceuticals

"Mr. Edalat is evidently motivated towards changing the face of health care and with Vivera, he has changed how prescription medicine is delivered."

Marvin Ferguson: Participation with a Passion: Champion of Community Change and Health Equity

"Marvin Ferguson’s experiences drive his commitment to both DEI and process improvement, as well as community benefit."

Discovering Resilience with Caroline Purvey: The Total Release Experience

"Caroline Purvey is so confident in the effectiveness of TRE UK® that she offers a 100% improvement guarantee."