Artificial Intelligence News

Hoop Raises $5M to Revolutionize Task Management with AI-Powered To-Do Lists

Hoop, a newly emerged productivity startup created by the former Trello employees, is aimed at revolutionizing the way people manage tasks with the help of artificial intelligence.

1 week ago

Skej – A New AI-Based Tool for Efficient Meeting Schedules

Skej is founded by experienced entrepreneur Paul Canetti and his talented team, with a brand-new AI assistant developed to eliminate boredom of scheduling.

2 weeks ago

Wayve secures $1B for Tesla-like self-driving tech across multiple carmakers

“For the first time, we will see machines we trust physically interacting with our world, enriching people’s lives, freeing them to focus on what matters most. This will mark the beginning of a new era of technology that promises to be more transformative than any that came before it.”

1 month ago

Meta AI: The New Kid on the Chatbot Block

Meta AI is best known for copying the search results of web engines instead of contributing personal observations and interpretations.

1 month ago

The Evolution of Photobucket and the Rise of Generative AI

Generative AI has become a focus for major technology companies as they work to develop AI capable of generating original content in response to text prompts.

2 months ago

Unlocking Hotel Guest Satisfaction: A Machine Learning Approach Reveals Dynamic Insights

Machine mastering method sheds new mild on lodge patron pleasure.

2 months ago