Clients Speak

Erika Jordan
"I had a great time working with Business Outstanders. They were professional and easy to work with. I worked directly with Robert and he was super-efficient and always there to answer any questions I had."

Erika Jordan, Founder, Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center

Ann Björk
"I only have positive things to say! Very pleasant and efficient working with you!"

Ann Björk, Co-Founder, Virtual Intelligence VQ

Lisa F. Crites
"Business Outstanders were great to work with. They were meticulous in their research and interview process for their feature on The SHOWER SHIRT® Co. Subsequently, their design and layout looked great as well when it came to the final article. I plan to work with them again on other feature projects with clients. As a former journalist, I would encourage anyone looking for business profiles to check them out, as they have clearly produced solid, quite substantive editorial features on many up-and-coming organizations"

Lisa F. Crites, Patent Inventor, The SHOWER SHIRT®

Helen Yu
"Thank you for being so responsive and turning this around so quickly. I appreciate the opportunity to be featured."

Helen Yu, CEO & Founder, TigonAdvisory