10 Most Influential Leaders of 2024

Mikael Hoier: A Visionary Business Leader

Mikael's leadership relation is formal, open and oriented into business. He stresses satisfying the needs of consumers as well as creating a development-centered atmosphere.

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Mikael Hoier: A Visionary Business Leader

Mikael Hoier, the CEO of LOWENCO A/S, From Employment History Mikael Hoier started his business leadership career as an Electronic Technician, and later got an Academy Profession Degree in Leadership and Management. In the past two decades, through technical sales experience, Mikael has affected positive growth and development in the various companies. The reason behind his motivation is simple: he wants to contribute to companies’ success and personal development, establish clear objectives, and work toward achieving them.


Turning Around Declining Sales

One of the most important achievements that Mikael enforced was his work as a Sales Manager (General Manager) at his previous company. He increased four years of turnaround of declining turnover in the Danish sales subsidiaries after decreasing for five consecutive  years. These included market analysis, trend identification and team building ; setting up a culture of accountability and support for Mikael.

Leadership Style

Mikael's leadership relation is formal, open and oriented into business. He stresses satisfying the needs of consumers as well as creating a development-centered atmosphere. His style of working is to listen and assist, and make employees gain their abilities to stand for themselves.

Market Differentiation

Mikael had to develop a sales strategy at LOWENCO A/S through which he increased the firm’s awareness and sales. It has formed the basis for LOWENCO’s long-term business development plan and has marked the company’s positioning as a distinct player in the sphere of pharmaceutical equipment.

Navigating Challenges

Mikael experienced major difficulties during the COVID-19 period, in particular, when lockdowns started to affect the travel and supply industries. Nevertheless, Mikael and his team successfully delivered the projects on the agreed timelines, a testimony of their hard work and perseverance.

Guiding Principles

Mikael updates his client relations, exhibition, and market feedback to ensure he is aware of industry trends. It also provides solid ground for making sound decisions and employing suitable changes.

About: Mikael Hoier

Mikael Hoier has been characterized by passion for growth, strategic leadership and people management as some of the key factors that form the core of his success. It is for this reason that he remains a symbol of vision and achievement of goals in the areas of technical sales and business leadership to this date. Mikael has received several industry awards for his work and has shown that he can make a great difference; he has goals for LOWENCO A/S’s future that will increase the company’s market outlook.

“Be yourself – trying to be another is not you? Develop the people around you – they are the key to your success. Give yourself to the company – instead of expecting to have. Give yourself to your employees and do not expect just to have. By doing so – you will get so much more return than you are giving. You and nobody else can take care of your career and your life in general – take full responsibility for your own personal development – and you will get success in life.”


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