10 Most Influential Leaders of 2024

Marvin Ferguson: Participation with a Passion: Champion of Community Change and Health Equity

Marvin Ferguson’s experiences drive his commitment to both DEI and process improvement, as well as community benefit.

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Marvin Ferguson: Participation with a Passion: Champion of Community Change and Health Equity

Marvin Ferguson grew up in Northeast Ohio, but his culturally informed vision for change emerges from his Jamaican roots. Speaking and teaching on the platform, Marvin articulates and conducts the Marv Leads brand that focuses on integrity leadership, eradicating hidden racism, and rebuilding the mental wellness of Black males. Working in the field of opioid case management, Marvin has been a licensed clinical pharmacist for several years and is an active participant in healthcare and community service.


Marvin premiered his official speech entitled “Prescription Approved for Implicit Bias” as a TEDx Speaker in 2020. This led him to become license holder of TEDx Balch Street and thus being a keynote speaker, running workshops and training healthcare professionals. He is the host of “Ask a Pharmacist” on the Radio Free Entertainment Radio where he advocates for more openness in the medical field. He established Let’s Get Healthy Cleveland, Inc. – clinical programs and community health-focused events minimizing healthcare disparities. He also holds the position of Health Chair at 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland, Inc.

Community Initiatives and Entrepreneurship

Housing and Food

Marvin launched I. M. O. N. B LLC Properties to address housing inequality in Northeast Ohio. He also began a food truck, Bruce’s Jamaican Fusion Soul, which he created in honor of his late mother and serves a variety of Jamaican and American inspired meals.

Health and Wellness

This is based on Marvin’s nonprofit known as Let’s Get Healthy Cleveland, Inc. , which offers programs focused on inequality in healthcare. His experience in managing the opioid patient population and the focus on DEI, process improvement, and safety demonstrates his commitment to achieving health equity.

Lessons and Insights

Maintaining Team Morale

Marvin also insists on the need to know motives, goals, and media of team members. Good and frequent communication especially during trying moments must be upheld so as to maintain high morale in teams.

About: Marvin Ferguson

Marvin Ferguson’s experiences drive his commitment to both DEI and process improvement, as well as community benefit. Regardless of his healthcare ideas, volunteering or his own business, it is evident that Marvin is a man with the main goal – to help others. He is a loving father to his daughter as well as a passionate food enthusiast and traveler, which creates a complete and meaningful life.

“Marv Leads was initially established to address the issues and challenges I encountered in my life, ranging from implicit bias in healthcare to the absence of leadership among individuals who shared my background.”


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