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Paul Edalat: Transforming Healthcare with Vivera Pharmaceuticals

Mr. Edalat is evidently motivated towards changing the face of health care and with Vivera, he has changed how prescription medicine is delivered.

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Paul Edalat: Transforming Healthcare with Vivera

Vivera Pharmaceuticals, which has been operating in the fitness and nutrition sector, was started by Paul Edalat, who is a highly experienced professional. He became acutely aware of the need for improved medication management after seeing his brother Peter battle Hodgkin’s lymphoma and opioid addiction. This led to the formation of Vivera and the growth of ZICOH, a Smart drug delivery system that is patent protected.


Founding Vivera

Mr. Edalat’s journey took its start in 2004, applying to the need for treatment of the opioid crisis that his brother was experiencing. As an entrepreneur, he partnered with Dr. Mehdi Hatamian to invent ZICOH, an advanced smart drug delivery system that improves the safety and use of medications derived from prescriptions.

Innovation with ZICOH

ZICOH connects with ZICOH Connect™, a cloud-based, AI powered prescription management and analysis software system in near real-time. This innovation should help make drug delivery safer, faster and more efficient for all participants of the drug delivery chain, starting with the manufacturers.

Promoting Creativity and Innovation

Mr. Edalat also talks about the practical aspects of the collaboration between families. Hiring a diverse team, Vivera helps develop creative and innovative solutions which will help the company stay relevant and prosperous as the landscape of healthcare continues to change.

Leveraging Data in Healthcare

Mr. Edalat admits the opportunities of data analytics and AI in healthcare. This element means that ZICOH analyzes a large amount of data, making predictions to enhance decision-making while benefiting patients. Due to this strategic focus on data, Vivera is effectively positioned within the healthcare industry.

About: Paul Edalat

Mr. Edalat is evidently motivated towards changing the face of health care and with Vivera, he has changed how prescription medicine is delivered. Healthcare technology, integrated functional teams, and big data and analytics are features that keep patient health and safety as a top focus for Vivera. Mr. Edalat has been the pioneer of leadership in the sector of healthcare hence establishing new horizons that would lead to an efficient future.


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