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Dr. Christina Rahm: Transforming Lives and the World through Wellness & Sustainability

A seasoned entrepreneur, Dr. Christina Rahm is the founder of DRC VENTURES, Formulator at The ROOT Brands, and Chairperson of the International Science Nutrition Society.

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Dr. Christina Rahm: Transforming Lives and the World through Wellness & Sustainability

Christina Rahm, PhD, an entrepreneur who has made a significant impact on the world of health, wellness, and nutraceuticals. As the founder of DRC Ventures, a company that is revolutionizing the way we approach wellness and sustainability, Dr. Rahm has dedicated her career to empower individuals and communities around the globe.

With a passion for discovery and a commitment to compassion, Dr. Rahm has built a reputation for herself as a leader in the industry. As the Chairperson of the Board and Chief Formulator of The Root Brands®, she has brought her expertise to the development of innovative products that promote natural health and wellness. Her company, DRC Ventures, is home to a myriad of innovative products, including The ROOT Brands, which offers a range of patented proprietary formulas which promote natural health and wellness. From an anti-aging skincare line to organic coffee, Dr. Rahm's products are sourced from top-of-the-line ingredients, designed to help people live their best lives.

A true Renaissance woman, Dr. Christina Rahm is a multifaceted individual with a diverse range of skills and expertise. She is a mother, wife, artist, international scientific leader, spokesperson, product formulator, and patent holder. With a strong academic background, she holds multiple degrees in science and humanities, including a master’s in science and doctorate degrees in various areas of science.

Dr. Rahm is a renowned expert in her field, with certifications in nanotechnology, bioscience, engineering, and nutritional wellness. She has spent years researching and lecturing globally and has worked extensively as a consultant with nation-states. Her humanitarian focus is on empowering people worldwide through her work in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biotechnology, and environmental sciences industries.

Business Outstanders has reached out to Dr. Christina Rahm! We have asked her some thought-provoking questions about her mission, values, and accomplishments.

Here is what she had to say:

Q. Your mission is to "help people worldwide live their best lives by creating a healthy environment and healthier individuals through the elimination of toxins." Can you elaborate on what this means to you and how you achieve this goal?

One of our most popular products is called Clean Slate.  The proprietary formula was developed to safely assist the body’s natural ability to remove environmental toxins. heavy metals, bacteria, and even fungus.  Its primary benefits include passive cleansing, reduction in the body’s inflammations, and increased absorption of nutrients, based on the clinical discipline of removal of toxins which can block nutrient binding sites.

Q. Can you tell us more about DRC Ventures' mission and values, and how they guide your decision-making as a company?

Our Mission: The company is committed to promoting positive change by implementing impactful initiatives. We go beyond mere intention, focusing on tangible actions that create cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environments.

Approach: DRC Ventures brings together twelve specialized ventures, each a piece of the puzzle. Strategically aligning these diverse components creates ripples of positive change that impact the world.

In terms of decision-making, our executives are highly visionary, but also pragmatic. Though, I believe women tend to be more organized, overall, which allows the capacity to “run a tight ship,” operationally, and financially. Being a visionary leader also means having the capacity to paint a vivid picture of a better future and effectively share that vision with my team. 

I am extremely proud of what DRC Ventures and The ROOT Brands® have accomplished in such a short period of time.  Running any company involves strategic thinking, a willingness to take well-considered and calculated risks, while adapting in the face of change. In my leadership approach, I continually craft a vision which resonates with my values and long-term goals, and I make it a point to involve my team in the process while also incorporating much service and compassion. Finally, I believe women who can encapsulate leadership styles with professionalism, while combining empathy are capable of increased success and happiness.

Q. What inspired your book, "Cure the Causes: Live the Life you Want, Not the One Prescribed.”?

As the book states, Cure the Causes is based on simple teaching. "To live the life, you want and not the one prescribed by someone else."  

In the book, I describe my scientific teachings based on the importance of “emotional, mental, and physical improvement of health” by detoxing the body and subsequently integrating the right nutrients.  We never claim to cure any diseases. Instead, my writing weaves readers through why illness can happen to anyone, and how some types of healing can take place by zeroing in on the root cause instead of the symptoms. 

Q. How do you balance your roles as a founder, chief science officer, and chairperson of various organizations?

Integrating diverse subsidiaries and brands while maintaining a cohesive message and fostering a spirit of community presents ongoing challenges. Our company navigates these by leveraging innovation, such as its fintech social platform, which rewards individuals for sharing products and contributing to the brand’s growth. Ultimately, the company embraces challenges as opportunities for learning and evolution. Its commitment to empowering individuals and a collective journey towards well-being remains the cornerstone of its mission.

Q. What sets Root apart from other health and wellness brands in terms of its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction?

As a scientist, author, patent innovator, and humanitarian, I dedicated my career to creating diverse, carefully formulated products, drawing on scientifically sound principles and incorporating top-quality ingredients, all supported by evidence-based science.

Q. Can you walk us through the process of developing Root Brand products? What steps do you take to ensure the quality and effectiveness of your products? 

I have started many companies over the years, so I have an entrepreneurial spirit.  However, the two companies in which I am Chairman of the Board for presently, The ROOT Brands® and DRC Ventures, are different in terms of timing and vision.  Born amid the global pandemic, The ROOT Brands® faced the unique challenge of establishing itself during a period of fear and uncertainty. Launched in February 2020, the company saw an opportunity to empower individuals seeking support for their health and well-being. Despite its young age, The ROOT Brands® has already impacted over 200,000 customers and continues to expand its global reach.

The core philosophy of both DRC Ventures, and The ROOT Brands® is that we provide positive solutions for people, pets, and the whole planet. It is about rediscovering our inner selves, nurturing our minds, souls, and hearts, while taking care of our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Creating a ripple effect of positive change and impacting the world does not come without challenges.  Operating online with a custom-designed algorithmic ecosystem, we continue to align with technological advancements and utilize principles of quantum physics for product creation.

Q. Can you share a key finding or project you are particularly proud of from your research?

As someone with a master's degree and multiple doctorate degrees, we’ve successfully integrated technology to ensure a seamless experience for our customers and business partners. We have combined the principles of psychology with my expertise to comprehend how human behavior contributes to value creation and how to leverage the psychological aspects of consumerism. We understand by delivering exceptional outcomes and maintaining high-quality standards for consumers, we can establish a reciprocal value exchange where satisfied customers contribute value back to our business.

With these findings, we created a Fintech financial system and social networking platform. If customers like our products, they share the product link and are then rewarded. This idea of harnessing social influence to reward those who bring value to our organization has worked phenomenally. Our focus is to empower individuals, including myself, to embark on a deeply rewarding journey towards living our best lives and, in doing so, contributing to the well-being of those around us.

Q. How do you stay ahead of the curve in terms of emerging trends and technologies in the health and wellness industry?

We have goals to continue our growth into additional countries to provide solutions for people, business, animals, and the environment. Our focus has always been to help each person “Cure the Causes” of issues in their lives, whether that is physical, mental, or emotional issues. By providing people access to our various products, we hope to give each person tools to create their healthiest life possible. We also plan to continue this work by partnering with key companies around the world, in strategically located countries. With this growth plan we will be able to assist as many people as possible.

About: Dr. Christina Rahm

A seasoned entrepreneur, Dr, Christina Rahm is the founder of DRC VENTURES, Formulator at The ROOT Brands®, and Chairperson of the International Science Nutrition Society. With a proven track record in product formulation, she has developed provisional patents, proprietary formulas, and trade secrets for various companies and labs.

“I want to help people worldwide live their best lives by creating a healthy environment and healthier individuals through the elimination of toxins.”

For more information on The ROOT Brands®, go to www.therootbrands.com/purelivingroot, or www.drc-ventures.com


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