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The SHOWER SHIRT®: Revolutionizing Post-Surgical Care with Innovative Water-Resistant Garment

By Business OutstandersPUBLISHED: May 21, 16:03
The Shower Shirt

The SHOWER SHIRT®, a game-changing medical device designed by a breast cancer patient, has been launched to reduce the risk of post-surgical infections and promote normalcy in post-operative care.

The SHOWER SHIRT® is a water-resistant, antimicrobial treated garment designed to prevent post-surgical drains from coming into contact with water while showering. This innovative solution reduces the risk of surgical site infections (SSIs) by protecting patients from water-borne bacteria that can enter the wound site. The product is designed to be used by patients undergoing mastectomy, dialysis, and other surgical procedures that require postoperative drainage.

Traditional methods for protecting post-surgical sites often involve makeshift solutions, such as fashioning trash bags or plastic wrap, which can be cumbersome and uncomfortable.The SHOWER SHIRT® addresses this issue by providing a durable, machine washable garment with internal pockets and straps to support the weight of post-surgical drain tubes and bulbs.

The SHOWER SHIRT® is designed to be worn throughout the entire post-operative recuperative period, or only while the patient's drain or catheters are in place. Its unique features include:

* A waterproof, antimicrobial treated jacket with unlimited shelf life

* Internal pockets and straps to support drain tubes and bulbs

* A "turtle-neck" feature lined with micro-fiber to absorb water drops

* A Velcro strap and drawstring for a secure fit around the neck

* A front zipper with a weather flap and capped sleeves

* Drain pockets to host drain bulbs

* Velcro loops to support wrapping and holding of drain tubes

In addition to mastectomy and hemodialysis patients,The SHOWER SHIRT® can be used by individuals with various medical conditions, including:

* Patients with catheters (niagra, new tunnel, and tesio)

* Savi Catheter patients for radiation (mammosite procedures)

* Patients having lumpectomies with sentinel-node dissection

* Abdominal Hernia patients with drains

* Patients needing wound vacs, infusion pumps, and external catheters

* Patients with central lines

* Lung surgery and cardio-thoracic patients

* Rotator Cuff Surgery patients

* Bariatric Surgery patients

* 'Tummy Tuck' patients

* External Defibrillator patients

* Life Vest Cardiac Patients

* Neuro-Stimulation Patients

* Bone-Marrow transplant patients

* Chemo-pump patients

* Pace-maker patients for integration and battery changes

The SHOWER SHIRT® has been designed to provide relief from stress and anxiety associated with post-operative care, while also reducing the risk of serious infections. For more information about The SHOWER SHIRT®:

Contact:(321) 784-9363