5 Best Inspiring Leaders of 2024

Cover Story

Jennifer McShane Bary: Breaking New Ground in Project Management -Expertise, Leadership, and Success: A Leader of Innovation.

"Jennifer’s dedication to fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and continuous learning has empowered her team to deliver exceptional results consistently."


Featuring Inside

Steve Brown's Transformational Journey: From the Automotive Industry to Revolutionizing Education

"With a passion for empowering students and educators, Steve is committed to making education more accessible, effective, and equitable for all."

Brandon Ezra's Unstoppable Journey to Success: A CEO's Story

"He measures his success by evaluating the well-being and success of his franchisees, emphasizing that this should be the ultimate benchmark for any franchisor."

Jason Cohen: Pioneering the Future of Tech Entrepreneurship with Vision, Tenacity, and Innovation

"Jason Cohen is a distinguished figure in tech entrepreneurship, with a remarkable career of over 27 years marked by a continuous drive for innovation and excellence."

Laurie Allen, CEO of ACMS Northwest: Leading Excellence in Construction and Civil Engineering with Visionary Leadership and Strategic Partnerships

"Under Laurie's skilled leadership, ACMS Northwest successfully draws in new clients while also maintaining and strengthening existing relationships, creating enduring bonds based on trust and mutual respect."