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Laurie Allen, CEO of ACMS Northwest: Leading Excellence in Construction and Civil Engineering with Visionary Leadership and Strategic Partnerships

Under Laurie's skilled leadership, ACMS Northwest successfully draws in new clients while also maintaining and strengthening existing relationships, creating enduring bonds based on trust and mutual respect.

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Laurie Allen, CEO of ACMS Northwest: Leading Excellence in Construction and Civil Engineering with Visionary Leadership and Strategic Partnerships

Under the seasoned guidance of Laurie Allen, ACMS Northwest stands out as a premier construction and civil engineering firm in Oregon. With over two decades of industry experience, Laurie leads this certified women-owned WBE/DBE firm, emphasizing client satisfaction across both public and private sectors in the Pacific Northwest. Her strategic leadership ensures ACMS Northwest’s legacy of delivering top-notch services and innovative solutions continues to flourish.

Laurie champions a culture of innovation and client-focused service at ACMS Northwest. Her visionary leadership and strategic insight make the firm a trusted partner for those seeking superior construction and civil engineering solutions. Prioritizing quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction, Laurie positions the company at the forefront of the industry, continuously raising the bar for excellence.

Vision, Innovation, and Passion in Leadership

Guided by the principles of Vision, Innovation, and Passion (VIP Services), Laurie ensures that ACMS Northwest consistently meets and exceeds client expectations. Her dedication to flawless project execution and innovative strategies reinforces the company’s reputation as a leader in the construction and civil engineering fields. With her extensive expertise and commitment to excellence, Laurie keeps ACMS Northwest at the cutting edge, delivering high-quality services to a diverse range of clients.

A Proven Leader with Extensive Expertise

Laurie Allen’s impressive portfolio includes managing projects valued from $275k to $55M, covering a wide array of construction endeavors such as roadway enhancements, airport upgrades, and wastewater treatment improvements. Her keen attention to detail and proven track record underscore her reputation as a trusted industry leader. Laurie’s adept management of projects, regardless of scale, ensures ACMS Northwest maintains its high standards and continues to achieve remarkable success.

Strategic Planning and Corporate Growth

Beyond daily operations, Laurie’s role encompasses strategic planning, corporate growth, and resource allocation. She sets clear objectives and aligns business development strategies with the company’s vision, ensuring ACMS Northwest remains an industry leader. Laurie's strategic prowess and business acumen drive the company’s continued growth and success, allowing it to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities in a competitive market.

Building Strong Partnerships

Laurie’s leadership extends to forging strong partnerships, recognizing the importance of collaboration for success. By cultivating strategic alliances, she expands ACMS Northwest’s market presence and solidifies its reputation as a trusted leader. Her efforts to attract new clients and nurture existing relationships ensure long-term connections built on trust and mutual respect, further enhancing the company’s standing.

Navigating Challenges with Visionary Leadership

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Laurie demonstrated resilience and determination, prioritizing the well-being of ACMS Northwest’s employees while maintaining project success. Her commitment to employee welfare underscores the company’s ethos, linking the success of its projects to the well-being of its workforce. Under Laurie’s leadership, ACMS Northwest continues to uphold its standards of excellence amidst unprecedented challenges.

About Laurie Allen

As CEO, Laurie Allen oversees strategic planning, corporate growth, capital allocation, marketing, daily operations, and project coordination at ACMS Northwest. Her proactive approach in forming strategic partnerships and identifying business opportunities drives the company’s success. Laurie’s dedication to excellence and strategic vision ensure ACMS Northwest remains a trusted leader in the construction and civil engineering industry, making a significant impact on the communities it serves.

Laurie's meticulous attention to detail and established history of success guarantee that ACMS Northwest excels in every project.


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