Unlocking the Power Within: A Conversation with Kaye Doran, Inspirational Leader and Mentor, on Empowering Women to Achieve Their Full Potential

Kaye Doran, a visionary entrepreneur, and transformational leader who has spent decades empowering women to unlock their inner power and realize their full potential.

By Business OutstandersPUBLISHED: June 18, 12:13
Kaye Doran

Business Outstanders had the privilege of interviewing Kaye Doran, a visionary entrepreneur, and transformational leader who has spent decades empowering women to unlock their inner power and realize their full potential. With a unique blend of skills and modalities, Kaye has helped countless women break free from self-doubt and limitations and take charge of their lives. In this interview, we're thrilled to explore Kaye's remarkable journey, insights, and wisdom on leadership, personal growth, and the power of self-worth. 

Interview Highlights:

Q. What inspired you to become a women's leadership and life coach, and what drives your passion for empowering women to take control of their lives?

I have a shamanic background as well as a master life coaching accreditation and it is the shamanic practices and principles that have empowered me to be a confident leader of my own life and business. There are two reasons I feel that this path of supporting others was ignited; the first being that I was initially bullied by those that I sought mentoring from in my spiritual journey. I have also been bullied in the workforce.  I have always had a very loud inner voice of knowing that has guided me throughout my life. The more I was bullied, the clearer I began to see how so many gives over their power and decision making to others. I became passionate about guiding others in amplifying their inner voice of knowing and combining this with grounded action via understanding the terrains we travel through of the mental, emotional, energetic and the physical. There are many coaches teaching actions, however I know that learning concepts alone is not enough, true change takes place when those concepts are integrated and deeply understood. When we understand how to navigate change via accessing the inner and outer realms, we become empowered action takers in the driver’s seat of our lives. 

Q. Can you share more about your unique blend of gifts and how you combine shamanic energy sound healing, accredited master life coaching, and other modalities to help women realize their leadership potential?

We are all soul and energy first and when we understand that everything is energy, we have the power and potential to consciously craft and create our personal and professional world. It is the unconscious that drives our beliefs, reactions and actions and this sets the energy we function from in regard to our capacity of allowing greater freedom, joy and success. When I work with others, we are changing the energy of those limitations and plugging into something more expansive and powerful.  We are updating the old system. To do this the old subconscious false stories and beliefs must be exposed for them to be upgraded. If we don’t know how to work with our own energy, we are constantly being bombarded by other energies that influence us all the time. I guide others in how to navigate the inner and outer worlds; the seen and the unseen, so they can be guided by their inner voice of knowing, power and potential – their GPS. If we are not being guided by the intelligence of the heart, the soul, then we are guided by the ego limitations, false stories and beliefs. The power is in creating a harmonious relationship between the masculine energy of action and the feminine energy of creating.

Q. How do you help women overcome self-doubt and build self-worth, and what strategies have you found to be most effective in helping them develop confidence and inner power?

Words have power and when we reframe how we speak about ourselves, we change our energy and influence. For example, calling out things for what they are. Others will say the subconscious beliefs, which continues to anchor you to the fact they are a belief ruling you. I say subconscious false stories and beliefs, which calls them out as false. Once we recognise the subconscious influences, we then have the ‘choice’ to make a change and realign to more powerful statements. It is empowering and freeing to unmask limitations and know we have the power of conscious choice. I give simple, yet powerful processes that don’t take a lot of time but work. On my website I have a free pdf on a 5-minute process to defuse your fears and amplify confidence. Many of the issues in life are created because of the dialogue of positive and negative energy and the belief that negative is bad. I teach that it is all simply energy that contracts us or expands us, and it is all serving us. For example, when we are in the process of growth fear will show up as a friend saying, “you are heading in the right direction, however you are going to have to grow in thought, feeling, energy and action.” The problem for many is they fear their fear, which amplifies its presence. We need to face the fears, defuse them and keep moving knowing that we act with courage and the confidence we seek is on the other side of our current comfort zone. The more we align with our power and potential, the louder the inner voice of knowing becomes. The tapestry of self-worth and confidence is woven as we reweave the old threads into something more magnificent. We are souls, a divine spark of Source of all that there is, ever has been and ever will be therefor we were born worthy.

Q. Your motto is "the power of change is in your hands." Can you elaborate on what this means to you, and how you encourage women to take ownership of their lives and make positive changes?

We are all responsible for how we react or respond to our lives and outcomes. The universe doesn’t care about us, it responds to our directive. Nothing changes unless we change.  I say that you are not responsible for how you unconsciously respond, because it was unconscious. Once the unconscious reveals itself and you become conscious of it, then the power of choice to change is in your hands. Then you are responsible for how you respond. We all wear lenses of how we view life that are tainted by those subconscious false stories and beliefs, as we unmask these limitations and replace or reframe them, we are then moving from perception to greater perspective over the formation of those false stories and beliefs. I encourage others to make positive change by being the living example of how I live and what I share. I also take the complex and make it simple so that ignites the belief of how simple this can be. I empower others with the ability to create change by giving them the tools and understanding on how to do this and the road map of how to navigate each stage of the journey. We are responsible for ourselves and our reality, when we wait for circumstances or others to change we are facing away from ourselves.

Q. What's one common myth about leadership or personal growth that you help women overcome?

Personal growth is not enough, it has its place and purpose in the growth mindset, however it is generally conceptual, rather than integrative. Life is so much more than ‘think positive’ when the subconscious false stories are sitting in the driver’s seat of our lives and designed to hold us from to who and how we are currently being. The old, outdated belief is that leaders are born, not made or trained. The truth is, we all have the capacity to lead ourselves and in leading ourselves from the authentic heart intelligence we draw others into our reality that aspire to the same. The most powerful energy within another, is the energy of conscious self-aware, deep-seated authenticity. This energy is all encompassing

Q. Lastly, how do you prioritize your own self-care and personal growth as a coach?

I have dismantled my old beliefs and fears around time, knowing that the more expansive my energy, the greater ease things are achieved. Striving is the outdated, fear-based model of missing out. I live from allowing and this means keeping my energy and well-being prioritised. I have stabilizers set in my life, these are my non-negotiable things to do that fill me up and are self-honouring, especially when there is a lot going on. Meditation at least 5 times a week, when I am busy it is a minimum of 10 minutes and time permitting, I allow an hour. Exercise, when I am busy is two personal training sessions per week early in the morning, when I have more time, I also include 1 hour lake walks four times a week. Time with friends, either over the phone or a lunch is usually booked ahead of time, this was it is only ever moved rather than never happening. I read ten pages of a book four times per week before I sleep, and I write my gratitude’s before I get out of bed in the morning. When I go for a walk I breath in the beauty, of sky, trees, water, breeze or someone’s smile. I have boundaries set in every area of my life that ensures I live a life I love. I also have a coach and I seek healing as required.

"The truth is beyond the shadow of the belief system."

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