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Seam Revolutionizes Data Access with $5M Seed Investment

By Business OutstandersPUBLISHED: May 1, 21:11
CEO Nicholas Scavone of Seam
Seam Leadership Team (Image Credit: Seam)

Seam, one of the dynamic start-ups that have just secured a $ 5 million seed funding, has the potential to transform how businesses handle their data. The CEO Nicholas Scavone of Seam, a startup, came from being frustrated with dragging data around. He decided to build the platform for people of all backgrounds with minimal data wrangling experience to tap the data's power.

A smart AI platform, developed by Seam, is the heart of the underlying technology with the ability to connect different data systems to non-technical users easily. This AI interface prompts the users to make natural language inputs, thus extracting the insights from the customers' data faster and easier as there will no longer be the need to run cumbersome SQL queries.

Seam's vision is generated by an awareness of inherent difficulties in traditional data storing systems and AI technology, which possesses a revolutionary power. Seam empowers businesses by harnessing AI on top of the Snowflake data platform, which is a user-friendly platform that allows businesses to receive their data by using more general data.

Despite the ongoing challenges that are faced by the Seam development stage, this system began its business with a sturdy production-grade platform that aspires to consolidate its competitive advantage and expand its presence across all the global markets. The $ 5 million seed investment that has Bessemer Venture Partners in the frontline and is supported by the biggest industrial giants and influential angels is a clear sign that the industry has confidence in Seam's mission and capability.

As Seam embarks on the business of providing new insights and prospects to businesses, it is leading in the area of data accessibility, it is now promising to unlock the potential of the untapped and drive innovation across sectors.

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