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How Aramco Uses AI and Big Data to Improve

By Business OutstandersPUBLISHED: March 27, 14:35
Aramco Harnesses the Power of AI and Big Data to Help Optimize its Operations

Aramco, a global leader in the energy sector, is leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to drive efficiency and sustainability across its operations. Through its digital transformation program, Aramco is pioneering innovative solutions to optimize decision-making processes and enhance business performance.

Utilizing AI and Big Data, Aramco is revolutionizing various aspects of its operations, from reservoir management to power consumption, with the ultimate goal of meeting the world's growing demand for reliable, affordable, and lower-carbon energy. By harnessing these advanced digital technologies, Aramco aims to maintain its position as a leading digitalized energy company.

One key area where Aramco is utilizing AI and Big Data is in reducing flaring, the release and combustion of hydrocarbon gases. By leveraging Big Data to visualize the entire gas processing system, Aramco's engineers can quickly identify sources of flaring and generate potential solutions. Through the analysis of real-time data and the use of AI algorithms, Aramco has achieved a significant reduction in flaring, maintaining an industry-leading flare volume of below 1% of total raw gas production.

In reservoir management, Aramco employs state-of-the-art digital visualization tools and reservoir simulation models powered by Big Data. These tools enable Aramco to accurately model its reservoirs and make informed decisions to optimize development plans and maximize access to hydrocarbon resources.

Additionally, Aramco is pioneering innovative projects such as the automation of drillstring assembly placement using AI and machine learning. By leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart sensors, Aramco can automate and optimize critical drilling processes, ensuring efficient wellbore operations and enhancing safety measures.

To maximize the effectiveness of its AI and Big Data initiatives, Aramco has established a network of digital development and innovation centers. These centers serve as hubs for research and development, fostering collaboration and innovation to drive continuous improvement across the organization.

Overall, Aramco's strategic integration of AI and Big Data is driving tangible results, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and sustainability across its operations, and reaffirming its commitment to delivering value to customers and stakeholders.

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