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Revolution of Security Operations: The Stellar Cyber Story

"Stellar Cyber was started in 2015 by Changming Liu & Aimei Wei to accommodate changes in security operations and ease the burden of analysts in the face of data overload."

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Revolution of Security Operations: The Stellar Cyber Story

In the rapidly expanding domains of cybersecurity, the demand for creative answers has never been more urgent. Stellar Cyber was started in 2015 by Changming Liu & Aimei Wei to accommodate changes in security operations and ease the burden of analysts in the face of data overload. Drawing from her experience at tech giants like Cisco and Nortel, Wei recognized the pressing issue: the overabundance of alerts, the need for manual data correlation, and the disparate security consoles lurking in enterprises of medium-to-large size and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

Aiming to democratize cybersecurity solutions, Changming Liu bridges the gap between the intensity of the attacks and the efficiency of defense measures. The basis for Stellar Cyber's approach is the integration of AI and machine learning technologies which overturn the old ways of network traffic analysis and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Stellar Cyber's attention no longer remained on the mere analysis of data but shifted towards incident correlation; it enabled the security teams to respond to threats more promptly and appropriately.

The core component of Stellar Cyber's solution is its family of cybersecurity sensors powered by cutting-edge technology. Unlike traditional sensors, these devices tag security metadata at ingestion, helping in metadata normalization and enrichment across various data sources. The core competency of Stellar Cyber enables its AI engine to quickly pinpoint inconsistencies within the entire attack surface, including cloud, SaaS, applications, users, endpoints, and networks.

Furthermore, the platform developed by Stellar Cyber is based on a modular, cloud-native microservices approach which makes integration with the existing security tools easy. In this way not only does it secure better visibility but also protects any previous investments, developing a complex security skyline without requiring major budget reallocations.

Nowadays, Stellar Cyber is the number one Open XDR platform designed to serve both enterprises and managed security service providers. With unceasing data research and development, the company chooses to improve its platform, which may generate applicable information from numbers. By integrating intelligent automation with hands-on experience, Stellar Cyber makes security analysts superior to cyber perpetrators.

In a domain where time is money, Stellar Cyber's purpose of user-friendly solutions demonstrates that it is aiming at being the security team's first choice. Through a new approach and real determination, the mission of Stellar Cyber is to save the future of cybersecurity, one innovative solution at once.

Aimei Wei's leadership at Stellar Cyber has been instrumental in developing the platform, an innovative security analytics platform. Considering her strong start at Cisco, Kineto Wireless, Ciena, Nuera Communications and Nortel Networks, Aimei's experience inflames creativity. Her leadership skills enable platform to make its mark as a leader in cybersecurity and empower enterprises with security solutions that are delivered through managed detection and response services. Aimie generates an environment that celebrates teamwork and innovation, seeing the group progress in the cybersecurity field. She embodies leadership ethos which lies in resilience and desire to inspire positive transformation, thus, she is a catalyst of excellence in the industry growth.

Changming Liu | CEO & Co-Founder

The company was founded in 2015 by Changming Liu (CEO) and Aimei Wei (Sr. VP of Engineering). Several VCs have funded Stellar Cyber including Valley Capital Partners, Big Basin Partners, SIG – Susquehanna and Northern Light Venture Capital.

The founders have been working in cybersecurity for many years. They knew there was an information overload problem happening in every medium-to-large company’s IT department and, in particular, in the security operations center. Changming’s security career started at NetScreen, and he is also the founder of Aerohive. Changming learned that you need great tech and a great GUI – users expect more than just tech today.

"Empowering security through innovation, collaboration, and relentless dedication to excellence."

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