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Building Health Equity: CHC's Effective Strategies Aimed at Longer and Healthier Lives.

"CHC: Creating Healthier Communities is a symbol of hope, which brings together and establishes systems and programs to demolish the obstructions confronting good health and promote equality."

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Building Health Equity: CHC's Effective Strategies Aimed at Longer and Healthier Lives.

In a world where health disparities persist, CHC: Creating Healthier Communities is a symbol of hope, which brings together and establishes systems and programs to demolish the obstructions confronting good health and promote equality. With the goal of a community where all members succeed in well-being, CHC has been the leader for the last 70 years making every effort to partner for the development of resilient communities.

Black Birthing Initiative: Enabling Safe Beginnings 

The Black Birthing Initiative by CHC is undoubtedly an impactful approach to the worrying health inequalities witnessed among Black women in childbirth. Due to Black women having a 3 times higher risk of dying from pregnancy-related causes than white women in the United States, this program tackles racist treatment, stressors, and social determinants of health that affect Black maternal well-being. Thanks to the fund provided by the Elevance Health Foundation, CHC has started a complex program in Atlanta, Cleveland, and Indianapolis. The program's goal is to reduce preterm births and provide respectful and safe maternal care. 

Mental Health Equity Fund: Youth Wellbeing Support

CHC is collaborating with Steve Fund to address mental illness which is the number one disability causing diseases among young people. By placing mental health equity at the heart of the programs, CHC is making mental health services for youth known to the public and fighting for the needed resources. Workplace-giving initiatives and specific funds from CHC are intensifying the countrywide actions to bring mental health equity to the public arena.

Equitable Cancer Outcomes: Addressing the Gaps in Cancer Care

Working in collaboration with Merck, CHC is implementing several interventions for breast and cervical cancer among disadvantaged groups. Through the community-engaged service model CHC and Merck hope to enhance access to cancer diagnosis and early detection specifically among African-American and Hispanic women. Using a scalable model in Atlanta, Georgia, CHC works to advance health equity in cancer care by dealing with social determinants of health and creating chances for everyone.

Impactful Partnerships for Health EquityI

CHC's belief in health equity surpasses single programs. Through the formation of strategic partnerships with nonprofits, businesses, and the community, CHC empowers inclusive approaches and avenues for equal health outcomes. By implementing strategies such as the Break with a Purpose and Purpose Platform, CHC motivates staff members, encourages workplace giving, and provides year-round community outreach resources. Through Interest Makes Change™, CHC allows donors to support the non-profits easily and the resources are directed to where they are most needed. 

Be part of the Movement for Health Equity 

CHC invites you to join the journey of healthier and more equitable tomorrows. Through donations, advocacy, or community involvement each effort plays its part in improving health equity. Together, we will be able to expand the resilience in the communities, ensuring that health becomes a right and not a privilege for all.

With the health disparities that continue to persist in a landscape, CHC's commitment to health equity stands out as a driver of positive transformation. Through collaborative partnerships and transformative initiatives, CHC is working to build tomorrow a healthier and more equitable world. Connect with the movement and together we can be part of the cause for a world where all people have the chance to live their best life.

Dr Jean Accius | CEO and a visionary leader

Dr Jean Accius is a seasoned leader in health equity and longevity, currently serving as President & CEO of CHC: Making Healthy Communities. With much experience in policy development and high collaboration, he implements solutions that can be actionable to close the gaps and lend support to communities. The previous leadership roles of Dr Accius at AARP and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services gave him national recognition for his innovative leadership and pursuit of inclusion in aging populations. Nationally recognized author and speaker, he has been decorated with several awards and is a member of a range of esteemed committees and programs. Dr Accius's passion for equity and building communities starts from his life as a child in Haiti, which has fueled his work to give people across the globe better lives. 

“The organization’s vision: to empower people to take action to improve health and wellbeing.”

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