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The Visionary Behind Sales Marker: Shin Chen

By Business OutstandersPUBLISHED: May 15, 19:02
Shin Chen
Shin Chen, CTO at Sales Marker

Shin Chen, the visionary CTO of Sales Marker, is revolutionizing the B2B sales landscape with his innovative approach to data-driven sales. Born in Japan and raised in China, Chen's unique cultural background has given him a global perspective on business and technology. With a degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Chen began his career at LINE Corp, where he developed skills in data platforms and research and development.

The Epiphany that Sparked a Revolution

Chen's journey took an unexpected turn when he met the CEO and COO of Sales Marker. Their conversation sparked a realization that traditional sales methods were inefficient and led to a mere 3% success rate. This epiphany ignited Chen's passion for using technology to optimize sales processes and improve results.

Co-Founding Sales Marker: A Mission to Empower Businesses

Chen co-founded Sales Marker, a startup that is redefining the sales landscape by harnessing cutting-edge AI and intent data. The company's mission is to empower businesses to identify and engage with potential customers with unprecedented precision and efficiency. By leveraging AI-powered data analysis, Sales Marker provides sales teams with a diverse arsenal of engagement tools to maximize impact.

The Power of AI-Powered Data Analysis

Chen's vision is not just about efficiency, but about empowerment. He believes that by doing more with less, businesses can drive growth and redefine the fabric of society. This philosophy resonates far beyond the boardroom and has far-reaching implications for the future of work.

Building a Product Team that Delivers

As the CTO of Sales Marker, Chen is committed to building a product team that can translate customer feedback into tangible solutions. He prioritizes collaboration and empowering engineers to engage directly with business stakeholders. For aspiring professionals looking to make their mark in the technology-driven sales industry, Chen offers advice to understand the business before chasing the latest technology.


In conclusion, Shin Chen's innovative approach to sales intelligence is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. With his unique blend of cultural background, technical expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit, Chen is leading the charge towards a more efficient, effective, and empowered future for sales professionals.