Elucent Medical: The Power of Precision

By Business OutstandersPUBLISHED: April 4, 15:37
Jason Pesterfield, CEO of Elucent Medical.

Elucent Medical, a leader in surgical navigation technology, announced the launch of the EnVisio® Navigation System. EnVisio transforms precision surgery by providing surgeons with real-time localization of embedded SmartClip® markers to guide interventions with unmatched accuracy.

Developed by Elucent Medical, a pioneer in surgical navigation, the EnVisio System leverages advanced algorithms and materials to locate SmartClip markers during procedures. Processing over 100 data streams simultaneously, EnVisio ensures precise coordinates without requiring additional imaging. SmartClip markers harness electromagnetic waves to provide accurate location information, enabling a new standard in surgical navigation accuracy and efficiency.

EnVisio Navigation System by Elucent Medical

“The EnVisio Navigation System is a game changer for precision surgery,” said Jason Pesterfield, President and CEO of Elucent Medical. “For the first time, surgeons have a real-time solution for locating and returning to a precise target location to deliver therapy, excise tissue, or place sutures. This capability can improve outcomes, reduce complications, and decrease the need for additional imaging during procedures.”

The unparalleled precision of the EnVisio Navigation System provides significant benefits for treating diseases like breast cancer, where accurately locating tumors and surgical clips is critical. The system’s real-time guidance allows surgeons to precisely locate, return to, and treat targeted tissues without repeated imaging. This can decrease radiation exposure, reduce OR time, and improve cosmetic outcomes.

“We developed EnVisio to solve a unique challenge in surgery: how to accurately locate and return to a precise target location,” said Jason Pesterfield. “Leveraging advanced materials and algorithms, we created a solution that harnesses electromagnetic technology to provide surgeons with an unprecedented level of precision and efficiency in the operating room.”

The EnVisio Navigation System has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CE mark certification for commercialization in the European Union.

About Elucent Medical

Elucent Medical is a leader in surgical navigation technology dedicated to transforming precision surgery. The company’s EnVisio Navigation System provides real-time localization of SmartClip markers to guide interventions with unmatched accuracy. For more information, visit https://elucentmedical.com/.

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