5 Best Crypto Market Making Strategies

By Business OutstandersPUBLISHED: April 16, 22:09
crypto market making strategy

While the crypto-world is changing, market-making becomes a crucial element of the industry that allows the market to get fair and stable prices. It means that market makers play a crucial role in the crypto environment and Market Making. Consequently, they help to maintain a balanced market.

Among other difficulties, the question of what makes a successful market maker is whether it is a walk-over to be in this position. It requires a good understanding of the technology supporting cryptocurrencies on the Internet and also a decent trading plan.

Who are Crypto Market Makers?

Crypto Market makers

In this regard, let’s take a look at 5 various strategies that can help you become an effective crypto-market maker and a good market making strategy:

Crypto Market makers strategies infographic

Cross-Exchange Liquidity Mirroring

Considering this strategy, when a crypto market maker replicates liquidity from one exchange to another with a view to benefit from the price discrimination among different exchanges, it illustrates that they can either purchase assets at a low cost on one exchange and then sell them at an expensive price on another exchange. That will enable better market liquidity and more profitability. This plan has a high probability of achieving the goal if the signboard team is familiar with respective exchanges and market environments while operating a powerful cryptocurrency trading system.

Market Making minus Hedge

Causing market makers to hold on to a digital asset without using hedges is for the purpose of making a minus hedge because this increases the probability of the digital asset’s worth going up at some point .This is arguably the most commonly used strategy in trading which involves getting coins at a lower price and selling them later when the value goes up. When it comes to the matter of the confident implementation, spiffy price forecasting skills and undoubted risk taking level are necessary. The point is that this approach may be effective with experienced traders who understand these processes well and are able to assess the risks.

Two-Legged Trading

Two-leg [or two-way] trading is where the market maker offers liquidity to customers by capitalizing on market inefficiencies such that the prices are light when they sell as well as buy. Crypto-exchangers earn their money (from the spreads between bid and ask prices) when they place limit orders (an order from a customer to buy or sell at a specific price), on a crypto asset’s order book. The risk management which implies restrictions on rates of liability to the slipping or fluctuations due to market conditions is absolutely necessary.

Delta Neutral Market Making

Delta Neutral Market Making is a sophisticated strategy that involves balancing a portfolio to ensure a zero delta. This is done by simultaneously taking positions on opposing but equal movements of the price of one asset that are being offset by the change in price in another. It signifies the funding method by utilizing options, futures, and fundamental assets that enables market makers to safeguard against the effect of the Volatility and gain profit from the spread bids and asks, hence, it minimizes the risk. Therefore, an individual should be an expert in derivative products, but combining his quick response to changing market situations, and remarkable experience in portfolio management are the most important.

Grid Trading

Grid trading is a technique that targets profits from the price turbulence of a market by posting buy and sell limit orders at recurrent times that are above and below a price that is already recognized as good. So the purchase of natural market volatility can be performed by combining grid techniques which allows trading ,in conditions when the indications of where the prices will go next are not specified and are not necessary. 


In other words, good crypto-marketing is more about managing experience, strategic planning, and minimizing risks rather than just the big show. When such strategies are employed, they will lead to more illiquid crypto-markets which are also stable compared to the more volatile ones and help to achieve maximum returns.

Crypto Market makers strategy


How do you create a crypto trading strategy?

Develop an investment portfolio making investigations into cryptocurrencies, setting objectives, and choosing a trading strategy. By a technical and fundamental approach as well as being flexible to the current market, one can expect to achieve success with a focus on risk management.

Which trading strategy is profitable for cryptocurrency?

Day trading, swing trading, as well as long-term investing are known to be the most popular trading styles, but having adequate knowledge in tShem and managing risks properly often equals success.

How profitable is crypto market making?

Being involved in cryptocurrency market making, it is possible to reap a lot of profits with the provision of suitable strategies and execution. However, market conditions and the competition might be the factors that give this activity its success. It is not a simple task; it demands intelligence and sound knowledge to succeed.

How can I be a good market maker?

To take high position on the market makers’ list, embed a thorough knowledge of the crypto market into your trading, use advanced trading tools, provide liquidity, and be flexible to market change

What is the best crypto platform for day trading?

Popular platforms, such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken are preferred for day-trading , in addition to having specific features like low fees, diverse trading pairs, and friendly interfaces. Nevertheless, the trade-off platform is the choice from a range given by the individual preferences, trading strategies and specific needs.

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