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Quantum Rise Secures $15M to Revolutionize AI-Driven Automation for Enterprises

By Business OutstandersPUBLISHED: July 6, 21:56
Alex Kelleher, Quantum Rise
Alex Kelleher, Quantum Rise

Quantum Rise, a Chicago-based startup specializing in AI-driven automation, has secured $15 million in seed funding from Erie Street Growth Partners. The company aims to transform enterprise operations by deploying AI to streamline workflows, provide strategic roadmaps, and offer tailored AI solutions, akin to the approach taken by UiPath in robotic process automation but with a broader scope and more personalized support.

Founded by Alex Kelleher, the former founder of adtech platform Cognitive Match, Quantum Rise operates under a "Consulting 2.0" model. This model emphasizes merging human and machine intelligence to accelerate business processes and tackle AI-related challenges. The startup's goal is to cater to companies that may find traditional consulting firms like Deloitte too costly and are looking for efficient, automation-focused solutions.

The market for AI-driven automation is poised for significant growth. Consulting giant BCG anticipates generating 20% of its revenues in 2024 from AI integration services, with this figure expected to rise to 40% by 2026. Additionally, IBM has already secured over $1 billion in sales commitments for generative AI, indicating a burgeoning opportunity for innovative startups like Quantum Rise.

Kelleher believes the consulting industry is on the brink of a major shift due to its reliance on human labor and lack of automation. He envisions Quantum Rise as a catalyst for this transformation, providing engineering expertise to help CEOs of mid-sized companies—who often struggle to navigate the complexities of AI integration—automate their operations effectively.

Terry Graunke, chairman and CEO of Erie Street Growth Partners, praised Quantum Rise's approach, highlighting the team's ability to leverage data, automation, and AI to augment human intelligence and drive business growth.