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Revolutionizing Healthcare: AdvancedMD's Comprehensive Solutions for Modern Practices

“Streamline your workflows and boost revenue with all-in-one practice management, medical billing, and EHR solutions trusted by over 50,000 practitioners nationwide.”

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Revolutionizing Healthcare: AdvancedMD's Comprehensive Solutions for Modern Practices

AdvancedMD, located in South Jordan, Utah, is a healthcare technology company with around 800 employees. They specialize in providing cloud-based medical office software for ambulatory medical practices.

Their solutions include practice management, electronic health records, telemedicine, patient relationship management, and business analytics reporting. They also offer an outsourced billing option for practices interested in using a third-party billing company. 

Clients benefit from outstanding tools and technologies that streamline practice and patient workflow, leading to a more efficient practice experience. With AdvancedMD, medical practices can handle higher patient volumes and achieve improved productivity and financial outcomes. Patients can easily connect and engage with their providers through electronic means, enhancing their healthcare experience. 

AdvancedMD serves a large national network of 50,000 practitioners across 13,000 practices and 555 medical billing companies. Every month, their billing platform processes 9.5 million insurance claims, highlighting their extensive reach and impact in the healthcare industry.

 In the world of modern independent practices, the demand for software and services to streamline workflows and enhance patient connectivity is paramount. Recognizing this need, a comprehensive solution has emerged, offering a range of essential features including billing, scheduling, charting, reporting, and patient management tools. 

AdvancedMD specializes in providing professional, high-quality training and consulting services to help practices scale and optimize their workflow for growth and financial performance. Through customized work, they tailor templates, clinical summaries, and patient templates, saving time and improving clinical efficiency for practices.

Their consulting services offer specialized skills and resources to address even the most challenging workflow problems faced by practices. With implementation services, practices can quickly and efficiently get up and running with one-on-one personal coaching for both practitioners and their teams.

AdvancedMD also provides MACRA consulting, helping practices become experts in value-based care and merit-based payments, ultimately enabling them to score higher on MACRA & MIPS incentives. The PM & EHR certification programs empower practitioners to gain the skills and confidence needed for success, allowing them to showcase their mastery of AdvancedMD's features and processes.

Training services ensure practices stay current with continuous changes and help staff, particularly new hires, become proficient quickly, enhancing overall practice efficiency and effectiveness. They promise a unified workflow experience, synchronizing information across all practice roles and optimizing productivity while minimizing data entry. With an intuitive interface and integrated workflow, it aims to improve front desk efficiency and cash flow management. 

Transitioning to a paperless environment, practitioners can access patient records and histories anytime, anywhere, ensuring clinical accuracy and improved outcomes. Additionally, patients benefit from self-service features, enhancing convenience and efficiency in their healthcare journey. 

Powered by AWS, it guarantees unmatched stability, security, and accessibility, hosted on the reliable Amazon Web Services platform. Security measures, including multi-factor authentication, ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all data, providing peace of mind for both practitioners and patients alike. 

In the first stage of the care journey, patients begin by selecting a practice, often relying on online reputation and proximity. Meanwhile, practice staff handles referrals and authorizations, ensuring necessary approvals are obtained from insurance carriers.

As the journey progresses, patients can conveniently schedule appointments online, utilizing filters such as availability and insurance coverage. Simultaneously, office staff conduct eligibility verification, ensuring patients are informed of their eligibility status for upcoming appointments. 

In the final stage, patients receive automated appointment reminders via text, email, or voice calls, with links to complete intake and consent forms. Through the patient portal, individuals can easily provide personal information and review/accept necessary forms, streamlining the intake process for both patients and staff. 

Experience the convenience of revenue cycle management (RCM) services from a trusted team with AdvancedMD. The revolutionary RCM services come bundled with modern medical office software, offering full-service account management, expertise, and transparency in billing.

Raul Villar | CEO & President

Raul Villar serves as the CEO and President of AdvancedMD. His vision for AdvancedMD continues to revolutionize healthcare technology, providing innovative solutions to ambulatory medical practices. Raul Villar drives the company's commitment to delivering professional, high-quality training and consulting services, helping practices scale and optimize their workflows for growth and financial success.

“Discover the affordability and effectiveness of our services with competitive pricing tailored to your practice's needs. Whether you're just starting out, adding providers, or expanding your patient base, we offer scalable solutions to support your practice's growth. Trust AdvancedMD to streamline your revenue cycle management, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional care to your patients.”


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