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Mollie: Making Money Management Easy for European Businesses

"Nowadays, Mollie is a big deal, serving over 200,000 businesses all across Europe. They've got a team of 750 folks who know their goals, working from places like Lisbon and London."

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Mollie: Making Money Management Easy for European Businesses

Mollie started 20 years ago with a simple idea: to help businesses get paid without all the hassle and high costs from banks. They wanted to give companies an easier and cheaper way to handle their money. 

Nowadays, Mollie is a big deal, serving over 200,000 businesses all across Europe. They've got a team of 750 folks who know their goals, working from places like Lisbon and London.

But even though they've grown, they haven't forgotten where they came from. They're still all about making life simpler for businesses, giving them an alternative to the complicated and pricey options out there.

Why? Because dealing with money shouldn't be so hard! Mollie believes every business deserves a fair shot at easy payments, making money, and managing their cash without all the headaches. 

In a world where money management can be a real pain, Mollie is like a breath of fresh air for businesses. They're here to help companies focus on what they do best – making customers happy and growing their business. 

So, as the digital world keeps changing, Mollie will keep doing what they do best: making money management easy for everyone. 

They help European businesses win more sales, save money, and time by making every step of the payment process simple.

They know that customers like to pay in different ways. That's why they make it easy for businesses to offer lots of payment options – local ones and ones that everyone knows. It's as simple as clicking a button to add new methods. It gives businesses tools that are just right for them to sell more online and get paid quickly. 

Bringing all payments and devices together in one convenient hub empowers businesses to boost sales with top-notch payment methods while streamlining their operations. By consolidating data and processes, from transactions to reporting and reconciliation, Mollie simplifies every aspect of the payment journey. 

With a hyper-localized focus on European markets, they serve as the trusted payment solution. Their commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of European businesses sets them apart in the industry. 

Mollie makes in-person payments a breeze, offering seamless Point of Sale (POS) solutions that simplify operations whether online, in-store, at pop-up events, or anywhere else sales happen. With this, businesses can ensure that every transaction is effortless, regardless of the location or channel. They offer businesses the opportunity to supercharge their sales with a checkout experience optimized for maximum conversion rates. 

With Mollie, businesses can provide their customers with a seamless checkout experience that aligns perfectly with their preferences. Through intuitive no-code solutions and customizable checkout components, businesses can create a branded checkout page tailored to their specific audience, enhancing brand loyalty and trust. 

Thanks to user-friendly plugins, businesses can seamlessly integrate the Checkout and pre-built UI components into their existing systems. Whether using platforms like Woo, Lightspeed, Sylius, Prestashop, or others, businesses can launch their optimized checkout experience in just minutes, without the need for extensive technical expertise.

In addition to streamlining the checkout process, Mollie equips businesses with the necessary tools to accelerate sales and expedite payment collection. With online payment solutions, businesses can quickly access the resources they need to drive revenue growth and ensure prompt payment processing.

 Koen Koppen, the CEO & CTO

Koen drives Mollie towards its mission of revolutionizing payments and money management for European businesses. As both CEO and CTO, Koen brings a unique blend of strategic acumen and technical expertise to the table, guiding the growth and innovation in the competitive fintech landscape.  

With a passion for technology and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, Koen Koppen embodies Mollie's dedication to empowering businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the digital economy. As Mollie continues to expand its reach and enhance its offerings, Koen's leadership ensures that the company remains at the forefront of innovation, driving positive change for businesses throughout Europe and beyond.

“By embracing technology and innovation, the company continues to lead the way in providing cutting-edge payment solutions that meet the changing needs of businesses and consumers alike. The company remains true to its founding principles, prioritizing simplicity and affordability in every aspect of its operations.”


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