5 Outstanding CEOs to Watch in 2024

Newton Queiroz's Vision for Sustainable Growth and Innovation

“Newton's leadership focuses on digital transformation, innovation, and continuous professional development.”

By Business Outstanders
Newton Queiroz's Vision for Sustainable Growth and Innovation

Newton Queiroz, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Europ Assistance's Brazilian subsidiary, brings over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. With a background spanning various leadership roles in both national and multinational companies, Newton is recognized for his transformative approach to business operations. 

As a seasoned CEO, Newton has led teams through diverse challenges, ranging from greenfield operations to turnaround projects. Currently overseeing a team of 800 employees, he emphasizes the importance of teamwork and agility in achieving organizational goals. 

Newton's leadership focuses on digital transformation, innovation, and continuous professional development. He aims to achieve a culture of adaptability and collaboration while staying focused on market trends. 

Beyond his executive role, Newton Queiroz serves as a board member in various administrative and consultative capacities across different segments of the economy, additionally also mentors many young professionals. He is also actively involved in industry associations, contributing expertise through articles and engagements.

Newton's leadership philosophy centers on integrity, empathy, and continuous learning. He believes in leading by example and staying rooted in core values. 

In addressing industry challenges, Newton highlights the importance of regulatory compliance, technological innovation, and customer-centricity. He navigates these complexities with strategic foresight and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

Newton Queiroz envisions a future where sustainable growth, innovation, and inclusivity drive organizational success. He remains dedicated to mentorship, lifelong learning, and making a positive impact on the industry and community.

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