5 Best Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2024

Stay vigilant, share insights, and quickly combat cyber threats with IronNet's top security solutions.

IronNet combines top-notch cybersecurity products with exceptional services to deliver advanced, real-time defense across various sectors, including global, private, and public.

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Stay vigilant, share insights, and quickly combat cyber threats with IronNet's top security solutions.

IronNet integrates leading products with skillful services to provide a full cybersecurity defense, in real-time, across industries from the national, private to the public sectors. Through the pooling of expert cybersecurity professionals from industry, government, and research environments, the IronNet goal is the enhancement of organizations' critical and protective measures toward intelligent cyber threats.

Holding shop for clients with latest security tech is a setup of IronNetrch. They keep on innovating to find increasingly solutions for the fast-changing cybersecurity domain on a wider scale. The landscape threat is always changing, and the current firewalls and anti-virus aren't as efficient as they used to be. Behavioral analytics, strengthened by the use of machine learning algorithms to process data extracted by different sectors are boosted by the help of IronNet. This allows the analysts to detect threat vectors that were previously unknown and therefore react to them more effectively.

With regard to the platform provided by the Collective Defense program, companies are able to join forces and obtain current threat intelligence in real-time. With the increase in a distributed work model, the potential of a vulnerability to cause an intrusion will also increase, necessitating the innovation of elements that can secure enterprises across any work environment, whether in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid setup. IronNet's network detection and response abilities provide expanded visibility and detection within vast cloud conditions thus causing quick threat detection, efficient security operations, and overall security for off-site teams which contributes to secure operations.

Through IronNet, major public cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure (Microsoft Azure), as well as enterprise private clouds, are fully supported. This enables the teams to adjust to changing work environments and use the most efficient and secure solutions. Alert fatigue is a frequent concern in security teams in any industry and the organization attempts to address this. IronNet is doing the function of improving the security effectiveness and efficiency of teams, closing the security gaps and bringing the optimization of toolsets.

Security is no longer an option but a must for the large-sized companies or organizations. Unperceived enemies can trigger not only a financial disaster, but also a loss of a badge of honor.IronNet has network detection and response (NDR) services that are designed to cover all analyst levels, giving insights at the management level on crucial data. It provides the ability to detect existing or potential misconfiguration as well as holes in the security, which in the end will enforce the security over the service. Through exploring unknown hacks aimed at enterprises, Lambda turns teams to optimize their security and utilize it to get maximum benefits.

Mutually referred to as Collective Defense by IronNet, this service provides the ability to identify, analyze, and share harmful threats among peer networks at virtually network speed. The AI system is able to outsmart the hackers when they change the mode of attack to be unrecognizable by the systems and in this case IronNet behavior analytics quickly identify attempted attacks. This collaborative way of working makes it possible for security operations center analysts to cooperate across organizations, not only locating and preventing security issues but also instantly reacting.

In an up-to-date landscape of cyber threats, IronNet plays as the trusted partner corporation who will empower the organizations to sustain their key information by verifying and executing the risks to the data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. IronNet's red team services become effective as they start with the initial introductory meetings, and the strategy sessions with active participation from all the relevant teams, thereby, ensuring a cost and time-saving solution. They are both technology-agnostic and risk-averse while using existing frameworks and best practices to that end. Upon imitating the way the actual attack patterns of the adversaries are used, the red team is able to prevent or deter the latter in the future. 

Meet the man behind the scenes whose brainchild this success has been made possible.

IronNet is spearheaded by General (Ret) Keith Alexander to establish the company's strategic vision as a cybersecurity leader. He is targeted on research and development, consulting, and education/training, which, in turn, advises corporate leaders in the face of the cybersecurity problem. He transformed the way enterprises tackle cyber threats by introducing IronDefense, which is patented and built on advanced analytics and detection that triggers security alerts on unusual network behavior. General Alexander aims to implement joint communication between the two sectors i.e.public and private, hence enabling intelligence sharing which will increase the cyber-security level to ensure that the nation is safe from international cyber threats.

Highly-decorated military veteran, General Keith Alexander has been in military service for 43 years. He was in the lead position as the National Security Agency (NSA) Director and the Central Security Service (CSS) Chief from 2005 to 2014. He kept that base for the longest tenure in history. Whilst serving at NSA he was tasked by Congress to go on to be the first Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) from 2010 to 2014. He was the one who clearly defined and implemented the nation's defense against cyber attacks for the first time.

With the post of USCYBERCOM Commander, General Alexander needed to oversee the strategic planning, coordination, and operations to protect DoD computer network assets and further secure the nation against cyber-specific threats. In his capacity as the head of NSA, he supported national foreign intelligence requirements, combat readiness, and protected the United States' national security information systems.

"Understanding the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, IronNet is dedicated to addressing challenges ranging from ransomware to intellectual property thefts to attacks on critical infrastructure and supply chains."

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