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AaDya Security: Strengthening Small and Medium-sized Businesses with Effective Cybersecurity Assistance

One of the unique aspects of AaDya's solution is its incorporation of the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology.

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AaDya Security: Strengthening Small and Medium-sized Businesses with Effective Cybersecurity Assistance

Traditionally, vulnerabilities were relevant only to the enterprise dominated the B2B cybersecurity space. Either hackers or cybersecurity agencies made them the victims of cyberattacks or the supervisors. On the other hand, lately, hackers have moved from attacking large and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) primarily. This is still the case as enterprise remains the main target of attackers, but they are more secure compared to SMBs. SMBs can be also considered as comparatively weaker against sophisticated attacks and used as a backdoor to infiltrate high validation clients.

However, the increasing number of cybersecurity risks against SMBs rather than being prioritized for solution providers makes them under-served and overshadowed. The desire for this changed perception is behind AaDya Security, which was created in 2019. This small cybersecurity firm located in Detroit, Michigan, wants to shake up the Cybersecurity market by creating a cool, simple, efficient and price-friendly solution just for SMB customers. AaDya Security aims to be the premiere cybersecurity solutions provider in the market, creating secure, fun, and easy-to-use services that small and large businesses can protect their most precious digital assets.

Having insufficient time, money, and personnel problems, most SMB customers often find it difficult to implement, manage, and keep the multiple cloud services that are required to have a good security posture. So, they have built an all-in-one, cloud based platform that is also very easy to install, easy to manage, and the service provides 24/7 enterprise support and protection at a favorable price. The multi-purpose nature of this software allows it to provide the security of any particular business, in any industry, with 100-2500 employees.

The distinctive feature of the AaDya's solution is the fact that it is based on the up-to-date AI and ML Technology. The suggested complete solution represents a range of measures to resist common cyber threats every company is vulnerable to, such as single sign-on, password management, anti-phishing, and endpoint protection.

The solution is an easy one to start implementing and will likely be managed internally by a technical or non-technical employee acting as champion for the company. Through an interactive dashboard, the champion has a real-time view of the organizational security and team member behaviors, the ability to run organization-wide reports, access to automated threat detection & remediation services, and a one-click compliance mapping. This will drive them to reevaluate and hence embrace high-security standards and the expectations from both internal and external stakeholders and customers.

In AaDya's solution, there is a virtual cyber security assistant called Judy. She operates in the background to provide the client with a secure environment and directly stands up to respond to their questions and perform IT and cybersecurity related activities. Judy's presence saves the company the need of any IT or security team member or contractor, and, together with AaDya’s premium business tools, reduces the team members’ burden and gives them convenient access to their work in a secure and efficient manner. In the words of Raffaele Mautone, the Founder and CEO of AaDya Security, "It is nothing but invisible and powerful cybersecurity which feels like art to a non-technical user, as what is being leveraged by the enterprise."

Raffaele has been instrumental in helping AaDya defeat all obstacles, starting from the fact of the company's launching in times of the coronavirus. Overcoming this barrier, the team managed to do their work and meet all their tasks successfully. The remote work movement during the pandemic exposed a need for greater security and efficient solutions, among which AaDya's provision comes in.

The company’s product roadmap comprises a new-advanced platform with more features, a mobile app together with an Endpoint Security solution designed to compete with top corporate solutions. Along with the partner program that AaDya is launching, it aims to make its answers quicker reach the SMBs that need them. In addition, the business will go abroad and start from Latin American countries as new partners are reached.

However, Raffaele believes that the changed environments in the workplace after the pandemic will continue, and the teams would change their approach because they will work in a virtual environment more frequently, which is also more vulnerable to cybercrime. AaDya is determined to address its SMB customers' security concerns while operating at home and from the internet that becomes a more and more complex environment.

AaDya's vision for the next two years is to equip small and medium businesses with the necessary tools to evolve and survive the new conditions by defending them from cyber attacks. The company's expansion by providing more products to businesses around the world is a continuation of their current mission to change the cybersecurity business by making it more accessible, advanced, and user-friendly to SMBs

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