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By Business OutstandersPUBLISHED: April 3, 15:31
Stacy Sherman, DoingCXRight®

In a world of impersonal interactions and frustrated customers, DoingCXRight® is on a mission to transform customer experience through empowering leaders and workforces. Founded by customer experience expert Stacy Sherman, DoingCXRight provides a proprietary Heart & ScienceTM framework and methodology to help companies double income from existing customers.

"Too many companies do not put people first or meet their real needs. In fact, leaders create unnecessary frustration and negative emotions," said Sherman. "So, I created DoingCXRight to help leaders get and keep loyal customers fueled by a valued and empowered workforce."

Through her work, Stacy Sherman noticed that companies were missing the mark on customer experience and employee experience. DoingCXRight was born from a desire to help leaders transform their organizations by balancing data and technology with human insight and emotion. The Heart & ScienceTM framework provides a practical and proven approach to understanding customers deeply, designing experiences that meet their needs, and empowering employees to deliver them.

"Leaders don't need more data or technology - they need to understand the 'why' behind customer behaviors and connect with people at an emotional level," Sherman said. "Our Heart & ScienceTM methodology teaches leaders how to leverage customer insights, design experiences, and empower teams to drive growth and loyalty."

DoingCXRight® works with leaders across industries to diagnose their current state of customer experience, determine key opportunities, and develop tailored solutions to achieve their goals. Through workshops, advisory services, and Sherman's latest book. DoingCXRight provides the knowledge and tools for any company to transform its customer experience and boost bottom-line results.

The DoingCXRight® methodology focuses on five key areas:

1. Know Your Customer: Go beyond data to understand motivations, emotions, and unmet needs.

2. Empower Employees: Create a customer-centric culture where employees feel valued and able to deliver great experiences.

3. Map the Journey: Identify key moments of truth to meet customers’ needs and exceed expectations.

4. Measure What Matters: Use metrics that provide actionable insights to optimize the customer experience.

5. Continuously Improve: Make customer experience a habit through ongoing listening, learning, and innovation.

To learn more about how DoingCXRight can help your organization, visit https://doingcxright.com/.

About DoingCXRight

DoingCXRight, founded by customer experience expert Stacy Sherman, provides a proprietary Heart & ScienceTM framework and methodology to help companies double income from existing customers. Through consulting, training programs, and resources, DoingCXRight works with leaders across industries to transform customer experience and drive growth. Stacy Sherman is an international speaker, author, and influencer focused on customer experience, employee experience, and leadership.


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