Tata and HPCL Collaborate to Expand EV Charging Infrastructure in India

By Business OutstandersPUBLISHED: March 27, 14:20
Tata partners with HPCL to expand charging infra
Tata partners with HPCL to expand charging infra

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. (TPEM) and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership aimed at revolutionizing India's electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Leveraging HPCL's extensive fuel station network and TPEM's unparalleled expertise gained from servicing over 1.2 lakh Tata EVs across the country, this collaboration seeks to establish a robust network of public charging stations at key locations nationwide. Additionally, the partnership will introduce a co-branded RFID card to streamline the payment process at these charging stations, enhancing convenience for EV users.

The timing of this partnership couldn't be more opportune, considering India's burgeoning EV market and the pressing need for reliable charging infrastructure to support its growth. With Tata commanding a dominant 68 percent market share in India's EV segment, and HPCL ambitiously aiming to install 5,000 EV charging stations by December 2024, this collaboration holds immense promise for accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles across the country.

Balaje Rajan, Chief Strategy Officer at Tata Passenger Electric Mobility and Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles, underscored the pivotal role that widespread and dependable charging infrastructure plays in driving the mainstream adoption of EVs in India. He emphasized that the strategic alliance with HPCL underscores Tata's unwavering commitment to advancing India's EV ecosystem. Rajan highlighted the significance of leveraging TPEM's deep insights into EV usage patterns and HPCL's extensive nationwide network to catalyze the development of charging infrastructure that is essential for supporting the growing EV customer base.

Debashis Chakraverty, Chief General Manager of Retail Strategy & Business Development at HPCL, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the strategic importance of the partnership with Tata Motors. He noted that HPCL, with its expansive network of over 21,000 fuel stations, is well-positioned to leverage Tata's significant market presence in the EV segment. Chakraverty emphasized that through this alliance, HPCL aims to bolster its strategic expansion in EV charging infrastructure, particularly in locations with high charging demand. By leveraging Tata Motors' vast vehicle base, HPCL seeks to alleviate range anxiety among EV users and enhance the overall EV ownership experience.

The collaborative efforts of Tata and HPCL represent a significant milestone in India's transition towards sustainable mobility. By combining their respective strengths and resources, the two companies are poised to catalyze the development of a robust EV charging infrastructure that is crucial for driving widespread EV adoption. This partnership not only underscores the shared commitment of Tata and HPCL to sustainability and innovation but also exemplifies their proactive approach to addressing the evolving needs of India's rapidly growing EV market.

The partnership between Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. marks a significant step forward in the advancement of India's EV ecosystem. By harnessing their collective expertise and resources, the two companies are poised to accelerate the transition toward electric mobility and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future.


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