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The Visionary Story of Sonja Kohn: Revolutionizing Personalized Communication

By Business OutstandersPUBLISHED: May 14, 13:41
Sonja Kohn Madoff
Sonja Kohn, Founder at BESTFIT

Sonja Kohn, a true visionary in the digital innovation landscape, has made a significant impact on the financial and digital sectors. Her journey began in 1999 when she founded FundsWorld in collaboration with Intesa, Italy's leading bank, introducing a groundbreaking online platform dedicated to mutual funds.

Patented Proprietary Technologies

By 2002, Sonja Kohn's vision took a significant leap forward with her emphasis on personalized finance, where she patented proprietary technologies. This focus on individualized financial services laid the groundwork for BestFit, a digital platform that combines behavioral science and advanced artificial intelligence.

BestFit: A Revolutionary AI Platform. Founded by Sonja Kohan

BestFit is a remarkable generative AI platform that delves into the fundamental elements of personality through a cleverly unassuming set of indirect questions. In just 2-3 entertaining minutes, BestFit uncovers the DNA of decision-making, motivators, preferences, and many more aspects of human behavior. With over 6 million personality decoders deployed, BestFit has delivered an unparalleled wealth of data.

Clients and Impact

BestFit has impressed clients such as Zurich Insurance Group, Wüstenrot, Allianz, and Maccabi Health. The platform offers unrivaled flexibility to meet the unique objectives of corporate clients. Each question and answer chosen produces an algorithmic value, enabling instantaneous and highly personalized communication.

Built-in Functionalities

BestFit offers a suite of built-in functionalities that are as transformative as they are diverse. From email acquisition for client engagement to social media sharing, directing users to product purchase, and delivering impactful messages that result in behavioral change.

Redefining Personalized Communication

BestFit's state-of-the-art interface with ChatGPT 4 enables instant, hyper-personalized communication powered by algorithmic values and scores generated during the Discovery Journey. The platform's completion rates range between 83% and 97%, providing immediate call-to-actions and client-centric results.

The Opportunity at Hand

The opportunity to join Sonja Kohn's journey and redefine the horizon of personalized communication is rare and invaluable. BestFit is more than just a platform; it's a revolutionary leap in understanding and engaging with human behavior.

Throughout her career, Sonja Kohn's entrepreneurial spirit has driven her to pioneer new ideas and disrupt the status quo. From founding FundsWorld to creating BestFit, her unwavering commitment to innovation has led to a groundbreaking fusion of behavioral science and technology. As BestFit expands its global reach, it serves as a shining example of the transformative potential of visionary leadership and cutting-edge thinking in reshaping the digital landscape and revolutionizing personalization.

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