5 Prominent Business Women Leaders of 2024

Cover Story

Victoria Pelletier: Driven to Deliver Results & Build Strong Cultures & Employee Engagement

"Nicknamed the “Turn Around Queen” and the “CEO Whisperer” by former colleagues and employers."


Featuring Inside

Findings From Hanna Larsson: Navigating the Startup Universe

"Providing a Map in the Technological Wilderness"

Dr. Charlotte de Brabant's Insights: Trailblazing the Path for Procurement’s Tomorrow

"Dr. de Brabandt underlines the need for procurement to build up new technologies, specifically the field of artificial intelligence (AI)."

Unlocking Brand Success: The saga of marketing guru, Jaslyin Qiyu.

"Jaslyin believes in staying committed to the principles of the organization."

Women Leaders Reshaping Real Estate: Kathy May-Martin's Journey

"The story of Kathy May-Martin vividly portrays women's ability to change the face of real estate."