Yoshi Mobility Raises $26M in Series C Funding

Yoshi Mobility, a Nashville, Tenn.-based tech-enabled mobile car care company, closed a $26m Series C funding round.

By Business OutstandersPUBLISHED: April 11, 13:21
Bryan Frist, CEO & Co-Founder at Yoshi Mobility
Bryan Frist, CEO & Co-Founder at Yoshi Mobility

Nearly a decade ago, Bryan Frist, Nick Alexander, and Daniel Hunter conceived an innovative idea to revolutionize the automotive sector by integrating technology. Their brainchild, the Yoshi Mobility app, initially focused on providing gas delivery services to consumers in the San Francisco area for a fixed monthly fee. Recognizing the untouched potential for innovation in the automotive industry, they aimed to redefine the traditional notion of vehicle maintenance and services. 

Through participation in Y Combinator in 2016, Yoshi Mobility expanded its reach, offering services beyond fuel delivery to include car washes, oil changes, and maintenance supplies.

The company secured investments totaling $2.1 million from notable backers such as ZhenFund, Liquid 2 Ventures (co-founded by Joe Montana), and Ali Rowghani. Subsequent funding rounds, totaling $36.7 million, attracted strategic investors like ExxonMobil and General Motors Ventures, enhancing Yoshi Mobility's growth.

Today, based in Nashville, Yoshi Mobility has diversified its offerings into three core business lines: preventative maintenance, virtual vehicle inspections, and electric vehicle charging. With operations spread across 15 states and partnerships with industry giants like Uber and Turo, the company has experienced exponential revenue growth, expanding its reach and service capabilities. 

The recent acquisition of Mobile Auto Concepts Inc. further solidifies Yoshi Mobility's comprehensive approach to automotive services. By integrating preventative maintenance, tire care, and eco-friendly washes, Yoshi Mobility aims to streamline customer experiences and cater to the evolving needs of fleets and individual drivers alike.

Moreover, with a keen eye on the emerging electric vehicle market, Yoshi Mobility plans to address challenges in charging infrastructure and maintenance. The company's innovative mobile electric vehicle charging platform aims to offer convenience and support to EV owners and enterprise clients, positioning Yoshi Mobility as a key player in the evolving automotive landscape. 

Backed by $26 million in Series C funding, including investments from General Motors Ventures and Bridgestone Americas, Yoshi Mobility is motivated for further expansion. Leveraging partnerships with industry leaders like GM's OnStar and Toyota Connect, the company is primed to capitalize on emerging opportunities in automotive technology and customer service.

In essence, Yoshi Mobility's mission revolves around empowering customers to navigate the automotive landscape safely, efficiently, and sustainably. By delivering exceptional service and embracing technological advancements, Yoshi Mobility endeavors to redefine the future of car care while fostering a seamless and customer-centric experience.

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